So much goes into designing what’s going to ultimately be one of the foremost vital moments in your life. each detail is very important, from the bride’s robe to the reminder of every flower within the bouquet. Colour plays a very important role in designing marriage and is usually one of the primary details that the bride and groom pick.

While you’ve taken the time to coordinate the cake icing with the flowers within the maid of honour’s hair, have you ever given any thought to what colour your wedding limo rental ought to be?



Not to add a new issue to your ever-growing list, however, the colour of your wedding limo transportation is a very important issue to contemplate. There’s a real likelihood that the motorcar can take an area in your wedding photography, and you would like to form positive it’s sensible.

The traditional colours of wedding limo rental are either black or white and supply a pleasant neutral scene for photography, and therefore the classic “Just Married” sign. Let’s glance at every colour choice to assist you to decide which is the best option for your wedding.



A white motorcar is elegant, elegant and opulent, which is why it’s the classic alternative for wedding limo. There’s nothing additional elegant than a bride stepping from a white automobile as she arrives at her wedding.

There’s a conjointly associated emotional facet to the white wedding motorcar. White represents new beginnings and a clean beginning. It’s soft, neutral and a blank canvas that’s waiting to be crammed in with a lifespan of happiness.

White conjointly compliments, however, doesn’t clash, with different colours. this is often particularly necessary for colour photography if the marriage party is sporting brighter hues.

For the grand, elegant, classically luxurious wedding vogue, the white car is a wonderful selection. White limos are historically used for additional formal, black tie and white tie events, so that they are a long-time colour for wedding limo of bride, groom, party and/or family.



The classic black automobile may be a less ancient alternative for a marriage motorcar however may be a tremendous choice still. A black automobile may be an image of standing and importance, and there’s no occasion additional meriting than the day you say, “I Do”.

The black limousine could be a less traditional (but additionally utterly appropriate) choice for your wedding limo. It offers an additional different look to your overall wedding decoration and magnificence and might complement a contemporary wedding quite nicely. With most dresses and robes within the lighter and white tones, they very stand to go into pictures and highlight the bride on her big day.

If you’re designing on having any black and white photography of your wedding daily, a black motorcar goes to face out and take place higher, wherever a white motorcar would fade into the background. Black limousines conjointly supply a pleasant hanging distinction to each deep-hued and lighter colour scheme.



Sometimes the simplest alternative is to not build an alternative in the least. If you’re designing one transaction over one automobile for your massive day, why not embrace a black and a white motorcar within the combine? They’re opposites that employment superbly along.

Think about the classic combination of a black dinner jacket and a white bridal gown, or the white shirt underneath a black eveningwear jacket. Black and white are pictured within the balanced image of principle and rule, one thing that’s conjointly symbolic of the wedding.

If you can’t decide, then we are saying you don’t have to be compelled to. no matter your alternative, we wish to be your wedding limo service supplier. Contact Bluebird Limo these days to find out additional concerning our choice of luxury motorcar choices for your day.


Alternatively, you can choose limo rental each black and white limousine, and get a divorce from the marriage party between the vehicles. For instance, seat the Bride, Groom, Maid and Man of Honour within the white limousine, and also the remainder of the marriage party in an exceedingly black limousine. Or assign the bridal party to the white limousine, and also the groomsmen to the black limousine (or the reverse!).

Regardless of the car colour, you decide on, we are going to provide the simplest luxury transportation service. We glance forward to being a neighbourhood of probably the foremost vital day of your entire life – please contact us for booking details!